Welcome to Our Fully Barcoded Warehouse

Precision and Efficiency in Every Pick, Even in Telecom

At 100+ Logistics, we take pride in our fully barcoded warehouse and stock management system, and we’ve tailored it to tackle the unique challenges faced in the telecom industry. This cutting-edge technology empowers us to have complete visibility into our goods’ whereabouts at any given moment, addressing the difficulties of handling diverse equipment from various suppliers. Here’s how it’s transforming the way we operate and making equipment deliveries a breeze:

**1. Unparalleled Precision:** With every item meticulously barcoded, we leave no room for error. This is especially crucial in the telecom industry, where equipment diversity and supplier variations are common.


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**2. Real-Time Inventory Tracking:** Thanks to our barcoding system, real-time inventory tracking is a reality. We can instantly locate any piece of equipment, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent searching. This is especially invaluable in the rapidly evolving telecom landscape.

**3. Streamlined Picking Process:** When it’s time to pick equipment for deliveries, our barcode system is our trusted ally. It enables us to pick items quickly, accurately, and with confidence, ensuring that the right equipment gets to our customers on time, every time, despite the challenges posed by diverse suppliers.

**4. Enhanced Efficiency:** By reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors, our system maximizes operational efficiency, helping us stay agile in the ever-changing telecom industry.

**5. Hassle-Free Audits:** Auditing our inventory is no longer a daunting task. The barcode system simplifies the process, enabling us to conduct accurate audits swiftly and with ease, even with the variety of equipment in our inventory.

**6. Improved Customer Service:** With precise inventory data at our fingertips, we can provide our customers with accurate information about product availability and delivery times, enhancing their overall experience, all while navigating the complexities of the telecom supply chain.

At 100+, our fully barcoded warehouse and stock system are at the heart of our commitment to delivering exceptional service, even in the face of telecom industry challenges. It’s not just about knowing what we have; it’s about ensuring that we can efficiently and accurately provide it to our valued customers, no matter the supplier or equipment type. Join us in experiencing the benefits of a streamlined, precise, and efficient inventory management system designed to thrive in the telecom sector.

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