18T HIAB Vehicle & 4×4 Trailer Combos

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Our fleet now includes the 18T HIAB Vehicle with an impressive 8-tonne load and a 2-tonne lifting capacity at 6 metres, alongside our robust 4×4 with Trailer Combos.

18T HIAB Vehicle

Our 18T HIAB Vehicle is a versatile workhorse, equipped with an 8-tonne load capacity and a 2-tonne lifting capacity at 6 metres. It’s capable of handling a wide range of lifting and transportation tasks. Whether you’re involved in construction, logistics, or any other industry that requires heavy lifting and precise positioning, our HIAB Vehicle will ensure you get the job done efficiently.

4×4 with Trailer Combos

Accessing remote or challenging locations is often a daunting task, regardless of the industry you’re in. That’s where our 4×4 with Trailer Combos excel. These rugged vehicles are built to conquer tough terrains and adverse weather conditions. Equipped with heavy-duty trailers, they provide the means to transport your equipment to even the most hard-to-reach sites. Our 4×4 Combos are the solution to ensure your team can access and service locations that were previously inaccessible. With 100+. you can rely on our new fleet additions to streamline your operations, no matter your industry. We’re dedicated to providing top-tier innovation and quality, so you can focus on delivering excellent services to your customers without transportation and logistical worries.


8-tonne load capacity with 2-tonne lifting capacity at 6 metres


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At 100+ we understand the diverse needs of industries requiring efficient transportation solutions, and our new vehicles are designed to transform your operations.

18t HIAB

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